What’s new in my beauty bag #3

Today my blog post is about what’s new in my beauty bag. I have bought few new good things from Swedens trip that I want to share with you.

Huda beauty emerald obsessions

Overall these palettes are in 5 different colours, but I chosed the green one, because green is my favourite colour. This “Huda beauty” palette look amazing, I can’t wait to try it out.

Marc Jacobs provocouture palette

OMG! I’m just obsessed about this palette. 🙂 These colours are perfect and I think they look so great on me. The packaging are simple,but classic at the same time. It’s one of my holy grail palettes. The “Provocouture” palette is worth the price.

Becca highlighter “Vanilla Quartz”

I have heard so many goods things about this highlighter palette, so I decided to try it myself. I choosed shade “Vanilla quartz”, because I have light skintone. I’m very satisfied with this highlighter, because it is in very beautiful colour and on my skin it look so good.

Fenty beauty lipgloss- “Diamond milk”

From “Fenty beauty” I own already highlighter and it is so shiny, glittery and bright. So next one I wanted to try out is lipgloss. “Diamond milk” fit the name so perfectly, because when you were it on your lips it looks like million small diamonds sparkling on your mouth. My summers must have for sure.

Too faced “Peach perfect” powder

This powders perfume is so peachy and sweet, that I could eat it. 🙂 It is translucent powder so it fits practically every skin type. I like to use it under my eyes or all over my face.

Benefit cosmetics “Gimme brow” eyebrow gel

Benefit cosmetics “Precisely”eyebrow pencil

I have a small problem with my eyebrows, because they are started to fade. And I have to fill them in everyday,thats why I decided that I want qualitative products for my eyebrows. And Benefit eyebrow products are one of the best in the world. And I haven’t disapointed in these products. The colour matches my eyebrows perfectly and result is very “natural” looking.

“The body shop” mago hand cream

I love “The body shop” hand creams. They smell good and my hands feel soft after using them. This is my fifth hand cream from them. This time I decided to try out mango flavour.


Inese Baumane


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